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Ideas of things to sell XD

Anime Merchandise: DVDs, manga, posters, figures, anything.

Cosplay: Yes, I will be bringing used cosplay to sell. Wigs, costumes - you can even set up a table and offer comission services! (You can even bring left over fabric, unused notions - the works)

Fanmade: *.* Feel free to set up your artist alley booth. Artwork, crafts, jewelry, commission offers - anything you'd put there, feel free to bring here. You can even just sit in a chair and advertise your website. We're good with that.

Japanese Stuffz: Yup, come sell your chopsticks, Japanese ceramics, yukata, hair accessories, anything that's either (1) from Japan or (2) has a Japanese/asian theme.

Otaku Style: Here's an idea - clothes. Clothes that otaku would wear. You know what I mean. Anime t-shirts. T-shirts with kanji on them. Loli, steam punk. Vests, boots, cat ears. The kind of thing you know an otaku is going to appreciate 100x more than someone browing the good will.

FOOD: D00d, any food is welcome. But we'd LOVE to see you bring out otaku food. From Japanese - like onigiri, tofu, whatever - to Otaku-themed - like round cookies made to look like Oishi's head, or Madoka Magica cotton ball monster cake pops - or Goth Loli themed - like coffin cupcakes - whatever your imagination comes up with.

Nerd-stuff: Honestly? Comic books, Disney stuff, Star Wars, HBO shows - if it's something that would show up at Comicon, which is like nerdy-pop-anything, then it's good enough for me. Just remember this event is being advertised to Japanese anime fans.

Stuff you should bring to be prepared:

- Cash (CHANGE)
- Lawn chairs
- Tarp
- Hat for shade
- Folding card table
- Bags to put merchandise in for buyers
- Tape, rubber bands (you never know)
- Markers, stickers, post-its, etc. (to label prices)
- All your nerdy friends

Disclaimer: Stuff like doujinshi - you know what I mean - is fine. I know I'm bringing some. But you, and only you, are responsible for who you sell to. If you're feeling paranoid, I suggest you card.



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